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Gondola & Shelving

LeanPie offers a Gondola system that is
100% compatible with major US retail fixtures

Interchangeable Fixtures

Our gondola fixtures can be interchanged with other standard fixtures, in aisle, and on the perimeter

LeanPie also offers a stand-alone back of store system

Gondola montage_R1.png
Gondola PC 1.png


Flat & 1 angle, flat & 2 angle, with or without cut-outs



Spring-lock base brackets (standard & short), base decks, peg board backers, solid board backers and rails



End trim for uprights & base brackets, top caps.

Full range of anchors, connectors, positioners, stabilizers, mount brackets and more


Heavy duty & wider span

Fully compatible with Lozier

Party City Gondola.png

Available Sizes:

WIDTH: 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 96” (wider span system)
HEIGHT: 36” in 6” increments to 144”
(with extender)
DEPTH: 13” up to 31”

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