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No hidden surprises

Maintaining lowest cost… without compromise

  • Constant evaluation of product specifications combined with real time commodity tracking ensures we are always in control of program cost dynamics


  • Our sourcing managers are qualified engineers with a deep understanding of each facility’s capabilities, enabling us to efficiently build the lowest cost sourcing option to match your program’s criteria.


  • Our lean, fully transparent process provides insight from start to finish – and consistently delivers lowest total costs of acquisition.

Fixed Cost.png

Fixed pricing? Yes, really

  • Working on long term programs, sometimes 3-4 quarters in advance, the ability to accurately plan your financials is critical


  • We can now hold prices for 12 months, removing uncertainty from your budgeting process


  • Our goal is to deliver year-over-year cost efficiency


  • Volume speaks volumes – we reward our customers for incremental volume every year

Blended program Compatibility guarantee

  • One engineering spec – no compromises

  • Tooling from single source – supplied to all engaged factories

  • Centrally sourced materials for consistency in every production run

Crisis-Safety Net Image.png

When crisis hits… We are prepared

  • War, pandemic, political disruption, economic crisis, natural disaster – we have the geographic reach to offer broader regional sourcing options

  • Raw material shortages, labor availability, 400% freight uplift – we now have the agility to place or move programs to appropriate locations


  • Lead-time pressures due to supply chain disruption – our domestic and near-shore partners underpin blended supply options

  • And when crisis is averted…. cost reductions are immediately shared

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