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You can help save our planet, and also stay within budget.
At LeanPie, we are focused on alternative, sustainable options.

We’re fully committed, and can provide a comprehensive, 7-step program.

LeanPie developed a strategic plan designed to lead from start to finish, with the least amount of environmental impact, giving you choices and options, to formulate a plan that’s right for your brand and your budget.


We get it.

What you can measure, you can manage.

Our custom, carbon calculator delivers accurate Scope 3 emissions data.

The information is reported for our Corporate ESG program
ESG Graphic 3.png

The LeanPie Calculator. . .

conveys Scope 3 C02 emissions, which can be used for Corporate ESG reporting. It also details the cost of Carbon Offset, which renders the fixture net zero for emissions a huge potential win.

Scope 1: 

Includes direct emissions from owned sources.​

Scope 2:

Adds emissions from electricity, steam, heating and cooling.​

Scope 3: 

Contains all other indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain.​

Scope 1 2 3.png

Proprietary Carbon Footprint Calculator​

The LeanPie Carbon Footprint Calculator measures the CO2 emissions required to manufacture and ship your fixture or display​. The analysis takes account of weight, raw materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, country of origin, freight and destination​​.


It also provides a different perspective that allows to evaluate costs vs CO2 emissions​ from different regions and therefore arrive to a better-informed decision. See image below.

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Eden Reforestation Project.jpg

Offsetting the Carbon Footprint

After exhausting all opportunities available to reduce potential CO2 emissions on the project, we offer our customers the option to offset the remaining GHG against various environmental and social causes.
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